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The Great Garden Art Weekend

We are so excited to bring you another Great Garden Art Weekend featuring local artists and their creations! Join us!

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  • Thumbprint Pots - Magnolia Gift and Garden


Little pots, big pots, huge pots-- We have it all!

At Magnolia, we carry the most unique and beautiful pots that will be showstoppers in your home and garden.

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  • Magnolia Gift and Garden

Quality Matters

When you pick up a vibrant, healthy plant at Magnolia, know that it was a long line of research and cooperation that delivered it to you.

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  • Artichoke - Magnolia Gift and Garden

Vegetable Starts

Grow your own veggies!

We’ve got these little babies started and ready to thrive in your vegetable garden.

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  • Magnolia Gift and Garden - Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens

Magic abounds in your garden!

Have you seen any mischievous fairies or gnomes scampering around your flowers and plants?

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