Five Easy Steps for Planting in the Summer Heat

  1. Do not plant in the heat of the day. 
    Early morning or late evenings are best. If you do buy plants when its hot, put them in the shade for a day and drench the entire plant with water.

  2. Make sure the plant is acclimated to the climate and amount of sun you will give it. 
    This is not the time of year to be testing the sun tolerance of plants grown in the shade.

  3. Do mulch. 
    Using composted mulch around your new plantings to ensure that your plants will maintain moisture even during the hottest days.

  4. Plant in small groups. 
    By planting in mass, plants can help each other out by shading each others roots, and protecting from dry winds

  5. Water, water, water. 
    Even drought tolerant plants are used to being watered everyday (sometimes twice) in the nursery.  We encourage you to continue this practice through summer.