Hit the Bottle

Already a top-shelf destination for gorgeous imported pottery, Magnolia has been expanding its selection of container trimmings. Bottles—decorative mulches made from 100% recycled, tumbled bottle glass, that is.

Magnolia Gift and Garden

An eye-catching display on the nursery grounds featuring a river of azure and turquoise glass winding through a xeriscape of sedum was such a favorite with customers last year that our modest offering of colors and sizes was outstripped by demand. The nursery soon made full-fledged foray into decorative mulches, and now offers 15 different recycled glass options, 12 kinds of gravel and rock, and several unique choices of glazed pottery shards to add resilient, year-around color to any container garden or planting bed. Large glass nuggets also make striking filler for patio fire bowls, while finer mulches accent many of the fountain basins on the nursery grounds. Sustainable and beautiful, recycled glass provides extremely durable weed suppression and water retention, but has enough heft to reduce shifting or erosion by wind and water.

Magnolia Gift and Garden

A Magnolia exclusive, glazed pottery shards make a statement in containers and xeriscapes. Every lot is unique; you may choose from the intricate blue vines and brilliant blooms of a traditional Mexican fragment, or pieces of a drip-finished pot in rich caramel and umber. And if originality is your cup of tea, then you’ll find whimsical fodder for your creative instincts at our container-finishing station. A host of vintage action figures covering genres from Cowboys-and-Indians to Star Wars keep company with the ever-increasing variety of nostalgic treasures that capture nursery co-owner Chris Hunter’s imagination—a smile-inducing touch to any container garden.

Whatever your landscape style, whether you cultivate a sweeping estate or a cozy urban patio, we have what you need to finish your containers in style. So go ahead…hit the bottle.

Magnolia Gift and Garden

Magnolia Gift and Garden

Melynn’s Favorite Plants

Melynn’s Top 5 Must Have Plants


Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’
· This small shrub has all season color. In warm weather leaves have a soft chartreuse variegated color. In the cooler weather leaves take on a pinkish maroon color.
· Low maintenance plant. Growth habit is neat and compact. Plant reaches 2′-3′ tall and wide.
·Great evergreen shrub for small areas.


Loropetalum ‘Burgundy’
· Holds beautiful burgundy leaf color all year.
· Withstands full sun to almost all day shade
· Unique neon pink fringe flowers
· Low maintenance and little pruning required
· Although evergreen this shrub gets great fall color


· Endless array of color combinations

· Brightens up dark shady areas

· Fast growing and has many different height selections

· Can be a stunning houseplant

· Last a very long time in flower arrangements

Acacia baileyana
· Tough drought tolerant evergreen tree

· Beautiful soft texture leaves with a grayish-blue color

· Spring flowers are in bright yellow globular clusters

· Good choice for small yards reaching only 20′-30′ tall

Gingko biloba
· Spectacular glowing yellow autumn color

· Fan-shaped leaves are very unique

· Disease resistant and very few pests

· The oldest tree in the world. Over 2oo million years ago these trees kept the dinosaurs company.


Chris’ Favorite Plants

Chris’ Top 5 Must Have Plants

Arbutus ‘Marina’

· All season interest

· Attracts hummingbirds

· Superb evergreen mid-sized garden tree

· Drought tolerant

·Well suited for North Valley conditions


Kumquat ‘Nagami’

· Very hardy (So hardy because unlike most other citrus does not grow in winter months)

· Nice and neat uniform growth habit

· His favorite fruit, it tastes great and is nutritious (can be an acquired taste)


Muhlenbergia dumosa – Bamboo Muhly

· Excellent silhouette

· Reflects the sun well illuminating in sunlight

· Drought tolerant

· Has a reputation for reseeding (however he has never had any problem in his yard)

· No need to cut back when dormant stays attractive in winter too


Polygonatum o. ‘Variegatum’ -Solomon’s Seal

· Tough shade perennial (withstands abuse from his rambunctious dogs)

· This variety is particularly vigorous

· Great spring emergence from the soil (looks really neat)

· Variegated leaves stand out in dark shade

· Great companion plants are Variegated Aspidistra and Rhodea


Butia capitata- Pindo Palm

· Distinctive nicely silhouetted fronds

· Very cold hardy palm that looks great even in winter

· Nice fine textured gray foliage