Hit the Bottle

Already a top-shelf destination for gorgeous imported pottery, Magnolia has been expanding its selection of container trimmings. Bottles—decorative mulches made from 100% recycled, tumbled bottle glass, that is.

Magnolia Gift and Garden

An eye-catching display on the nursery grounds featuring a river of azure and turquoise glass winding through a xeriscape of sedum was such a favorite with customers last year that our modest offering of colors and sizes was outstripped by demand. The nursery soon made full-fledged foray into decorative mulches, and now offers 15 different recycled glass options, 12 kinds of gravel and rock, and several unique choices of glazed pottery shards to add resilient, year-around color to any container garden or planting bed. Large glass nuggets also make striking filler for patio fire bowls, while finer mulches accent many of the fountain basins on the nursery grounds. Sustainable and beautiful, recycled glass provides extremely durable weed suppression and water retention, but has enough heft to reduce shifting or erosion by wind and water.

Magnolia Gift and Garden

A Magnolia exclusive, glazed pottery shards make a statement in containers and xeriscapes. Every lot is unique; you may choose from the intricate blue vines and brilliant blooms of a traditional Mexican fragment, or pieces of a drip-finished pot in rich caramel and umber. And if originality is your cup of tea, then you’ll find whimsical fodder for your creative instincts at our container-finishing station. A host of vintage action figures covering genres from Cowboys-and-Indians to Star Wars keep company with the ever-increasing variety of nostalgic treasures that capture nursery co-owner Chris Hunter’s imagination—a smile-inducing touch to any container garden.

Whatever your landscape style, whether you cultivate a sweeping estate or a cozy urban patio, we have what you need to finish your containers in style. So go ahead…hit the bottle.

Magnolia Gift and Garden

Magnolia Gift and Garden

Garden Whimsy

Succulent Dinosaurus Planter - Magnolia Gift and Garden

It all started with a plastic dinosaur. Anyone who knows Magnolia’s co-owner, Chris Hunter, understands that he can be a bit… shall we say, obsessive?—when it comes to gardening. While making deliveries one day, he happened upon said children’s toy, transformed into a grin-inducing fountain for a small pond. And it inspired him. Well known for his striking custom container arrangements, which can be found throughout the nursery, he unleashed his eccentric creativity in the greenhouse.

You may have never imagined how charming a miniature scene of Yoda tending Sedum would be or C-3PO and R2-D2 traversing an arid landscape of crumbling stone and Echeveria, or Darth Maul rising from a glowing cauldron against a clump of Black Mondo Grass. A delightful living gift for gardeners of all ages, our whimsical container-scapes are created individually using beautiful glazed pottery, recycled glass or natural rock, one or more vintage figurines and a variety of flora, ranging from exotic Amorphophallus to succulent dwarf Agave. Suitable for indoor or outdoor settings, these tasteful plantings are guaranteed to brighten your day and be the envy of family, friends and colleagues!

Magnolia Gift and Garden

MIni Gardens - Magnolia Gift and Garden

Barbie Planter - Magnolia Gift and Garden

The whole collection will make the jump into hyperspace. If you can’t seem to find your favorite character on display, just ask. Because around here, it is considered a tenet of horticultural practice that gardening should be fun, and these container scenes are sure to bring out a little of the child in all of us. So transport your patio, home or office to a time long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

May the Force be with you.