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We carry:

  • Variety of Heirloom Garden Seeds
  • Fairy Garden Accessories
  • Local Art
  • Air Plants
  • Garden Books
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  • Houseplants
  • Eco Form Pots

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Fairy Gardens - Magnolia Gift and Garden

Let your imagination run free!
We carry a whimsical variety of Fairy Garden figurines, furniture, and other accessories. You can select each piece individually or start off with one of our Fairy Garden kits. You’ll really enjoy these little mischievous fairies and gnomes scampering around your flowers and plants.

Fairy Gardens make a wonderful gift!
Whether you pick out a few special pieces or create an entire mini fairy garden in one of our beautiful ceramic pots, they’re sure to enjoy adding it to their own home and garden.

As you walk around our nursery, see if you can spot all the little sprites sneaking around in our planters…

And don’t forget the kiddos.
Children of all ages are fascinated with creating their very own fairy land. It’s a wonderful hands on project to share with your kids or grandkids and will provide hours of entertainment, not to mention it’s a great way to introduce them to gardening.